Expanding your Family: How to help your child prepare for a new sibling

If you consider expanding, you may be curious about how the change might affect your firstborn. Every family is unique, and every child will react differently to the news of a sibling. We have all seen videos of older siblings crying when they meet their new siblings. And the tears of grief when a child discovers their sibling is not as they expected. How can families here in Hesperia, California, prepare their firstborns to welcome new family members?

There are many ways that you can prepare your family for the arrival of a baby, depending on their age. It doesn’t matter what age; it is important to explain everything in terms that make sense to your child. This will help them feel involved and included. Here are some more ideas:

  • Books for new siblings or babies
  • Consider asking your child to help you choose colors and decorations for your baby’s bedroom.
  • Check out baby photos of your child and other family members
  • Spend time with a family member who has a baby
  • Give your child a doll to practice handling and caring for their future baby sister or brother.
  • To draw pictures for the baby upon their birth
  • Prepare them for labor and hospitalization

The new baby will get a lot of attention once they arrive. Families often do something extra for their older children to make them feel included. It could be as simple as a lunch date, an outing with grandma, or a gift from their sister or brother.

Families must remember that older children can become jealous during pregnancy and after the baby arrives, and this is because they are being given so much attention. Regressions can also occur in children, such as wanting to use the pacifier again or learning how to toilet-train, and this behavior is expected.

Families are encouraged to tell their children as much as possible about the new baby and how it will require attention. Involve your children by sharing stories about their childhoods and how you looked after them. Encourage your child to share their feelings if they are old enough.What was the secret to helping your child prepare for a sibling change?

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