Pre-Kindergarten Program


Pre-K for 4-5-Year-Olds

Pre-K programs that inspire curiosity and encourage children to learn are the best. That is our goal for you, child!

Pre-K prepares your child to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. Our pre-K programs utilize the award-winning creative curriculum(r) and offer fun experiences in language and math as well as science, math, music, and art. To plan lessons that are both engaging and relevant, we consider your child’s interests.

Pre-K Development Areas

  • Social-Emotional
  • Physical
  • Language
  • Cognitive
  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Science & Technology
  • Social Studies
  • Arts

Assessments and Goal Tracking to Improve School Readiness

You and your child’s teacher should measure your child’s progress and set goals for school readiness. Our Pre-K classroom uses Learning and Development books for a smooth transition to kindergarten.

Literacy, Self-Esteem & Character Development Program

Our Hesperia daycare programs are based on children’s stories. It helps your child to develop essential early literacy skills such as letter recognition, vocabulary development, letter-sound
correlation, and letter-sound correlation.

Spanish Program

Pre-K at The Progressive Play Preschool incorporates age-appropriate Spanish lessons and begins to teach practical Spanish words. Children benefit from learning a second language early in life.

  • Advanced first language skills
  • Later in life, you will be able to speak another language more easily.
  • Greater cultural understanding
  • Advanced literacy acquisition
  • Greater cognitive functioning

Sample Pre-K Goals

  • With occasional reminders, follow classroom rules, routines, and transitions.
  • Learn to communicate using verbal language; improve your ability to communicate your needs and feelings.
  • Play with others and learn to work together. Share your knowledge and practice
    acceptable behavior
  • Recognize, spell, and write their names
  • Understanding time concepts (months and weeks, days, before, after, etc.)
  • Show confidence in meeting your own needs (e.g., Wash your hands with a towel and dry them. Use the materials, utensils, and brushes as appropriate.
  • Recognize numbers 1-30: Identify colors, match shapes, and identify them.
  • Perform grand movements like jumping, skipping, and jumping.

Our commitment to safety and health

Your child’s safety, security, and health are the most important things. We take every precaution to make sure your child feels safe and secure while they are with us.

Each Progressive Play Preschool adheres to the CDC’s current safety, health and disinfection guidelines. Every school has a restricted entry system and staff trained in CPR and first aid. Most schools also have security cameras installed in every classroom. For more information, please visit our Security, Safety & Health section.


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