Daycare Hesperia

Our Mission

Progressive Play Daycare & Preschool provides a safe, caring, and stimulating environment for children ages 6 months to 12 years. Our main goal is to organize a safe, fun, and child-appropriate environment. We believe guiding and allowing them to explore and learn inside this space is the most effective way to develop. We follow the concept of raising the WHOLE CHILD in every area. We are committed to the families we serve, and we strive to give parents complete peace of mind while being seen as a shining example of what a quality childcare preschool and daycare center near you should be.

The Milestones of Learning

Learning and growth are both characterized by energy and excitement. Progressive Play Preschool is located in San Bernardino County. We focus on 18-month to 6-year-old children to create a positive learning experience. We provide a safe space for your kids to explore and allow your kid’s young minds to read books, have fun, and relax in a safe environment while you’re working.

Encouragement of Development and Mobility For Your Kids

At Progressive Preschool and Daycare, Here in Hesperia, CA, we ensure that your children between the ages of 18 months olds up to 6 years olds reach essential milestones in all 5


  • Learning Methods: Children learn to be more independent.
  • Cognitive Development: Children learn to think critically, be creative, and understand the world around them.
  • Social-Emotional development: Children learn to understand their relationships with family, friends, and other members of the community.
  • Health and Physical Development: Children are learning more about the importance of safety and health concepts.
  • Language and Communication Development: The ability of your kids to communicate using written and oral language and to listen to and respond to others’ communication.

Early Preschool Program

Progressive Play Preschool has created a unique early education curriculum based on Learn as We Grow developmental indicators. It is designed for children aged 3- to 42 months and prepares them for Preschool. The following ten areas are where children develop their skills:

  • Development of Social-Emotional Skills: Children learn to use emotions (such as “I’m crazy”) to express their needs, to follow established routines and rules in school, and to play well with others.
  • Reasoning: Children learn to solve simple puzzles and sort them.
  • Literacy – Children learn to ask adults for printed information, draw shapes and figures to convey meaning, and use visual and verbal cues.
  • Methods of Learning: Children learn to solve simple problems.
  • Nature and Science –Children learn to categorize objects into living and nonliving categories and explain why they occur. They also develop persistence and creativity when solving problems.
  • Health and Physical Development: Children learn to follow instructions, do tasks without supervision, and participate in group games.
  • Language – Children learn to answer questions about books and to repeat sentences to get other people to respond.
  • Creative Arts: Children learn to use different materials such as paints, pencils, and musical instruments in various ways.
  • Math: Children learn to recognize numerals and alternate patterns.

Children learn to cooperate with others and develop self-help skills, and they also know how to follow instructions and routines. Visual “Children’s Tool” allows them to take control of their actions and behavior, become independent, and be confident, booming, and empowered. These tools include:

  • Class Expectations Signs: These signs show children what they can expect from classroom behavior. They focus on how to be safe, kind, and responsible while still having fun.
  • Picture Schedule: Children learn to follow routines and understand different day parts.
  • “I Can” posters: Step-by-step pictures guide hand washing and toilet use. They encourage children to be more independent and confident.

Pre-K Program Day Care

Get ready for kindergarten.

Our Pre-Kindergarten daycare program near you supports our comprehensive learning strategy to ensure that each child is ready for school and prepares them for the future. Young children are at a crucial time, so choosing a reliable, trustworthy early education childcare school is essential. We provide strong support for young minds and encourage friendship.

Building Independence and Innovation

Pre-Kindergarten here in Lugo, CA, has personalized learning experiences guided by Progressive Play Preschool’s focused, researched-based early education curriculum, while we recommend the children through 10 critical developmental areas.

  • Social-Emotional Growth: Children learn conflict resolution and cooperation.
  • Health and Physical Development: Children develop fine motor skills such as cutting with scissors and holding pencils or crayons. They also learn about nutrition and health
  • Creative Arts Expression – Children express their ideas and feelings through music and movement.
  • Science: Children will be able to observe, make predictions, and generalize data by experimentation and investigation.
  • Social Studies: Children learn to respect diversity, family, community, and others.
  • Logic & Reasoning: Children learn about patterning, object-sorting, and word problems.
  • Literacy – Children learn language through stories, journal writing, and small-group reading (including chapter books).
  • Language – Children are encouraged to use language to communicate and think.
  • Math: Children learn about measurement, graphing, and numeral identification.
  • . Learning: Help children develop independence, creativity, and cooperation.

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