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At our daycare in Hesperia, through play, movement, music, nature, arts and crafts, we motivate every child to explore the world around them, discover new interests, make new friends, and gain independence.
We put kindergarten readiness at the top of our priorities. As transitioning from this cozy and welcoming environment might sometimes be challenging, we do our best to make it as smooth as possible for our little students.

Domains of Early Learning


Every child learns differently. Progressive Play Preschool provides teachers with the guidance and tools to cater to children’s natural curiosity while also helping them to build problem-solving skills.


Children are natural scientists. Children use their senses and technology to investigate the world around them. They record and analyze their findings by drawing, writing, or photographing.


Literacy development begins in the early years. Your child will learn essential literacy skills and a love for reading.


The creative and visual arts can stimulate imagination and creativity, and early reading of books allows them to practice their techniques in creating their masterpieces.


Social studies help children to understand themselves and their relationships with friends and family. They discover how they differ from their friends and how they can contribute to society.


Active children become active adults. Your child will learn to use their motor skills, balance, and movement in a fun and engaging ways. There is plenty of time for them to run, slide, climb, and play on our age-appropriate playgrounds.


Math helps children develop their reasoning skills, problem-solving ability, and creativity early on. Through hands-on learning, our math program introduces numbers and measurement using patterns.


Research has shown that social-emotional intelligence can be a strong predictor of future success. Our Balanced Learning(r), which combines character development with life skills, allows children to learn behavior and relationship skills through daily experiences.

Photos of The School


Red Room

Kindergarten and Transitional Preschool

Blue Room

Children 3-4 years old

Parents Testimonials

Casey DodgeCasey Dodge
18:15 08 Feb 18
Our daughter has gone here for nearly two years and we love it! She has learned so much and excelled tremendously since enrolling her! The staff and owner are friendly and always working with the kids. When our daughter was barely two, she learned the pledge of allegiance and even some spanish. There are no tv's or screen time for kids which we LOVE!!! The staff is constantly working with the kids, reading to them, taking them outside for some sunshine, and assisting them with arts and crafts. In the summer time, they even have water play outside. We highly recommend Progressive Play Preschool to anyone looking for a place for their kiddos.
Lisa KLisa K
21:40 08 Jun 17
I fully 100% recommend this school to everyone. This school is just amazing! They're excellent with my 3 year old son. He absolutely LOVES going to Progressive Play Preschool. Every time he leaves he says he had a good day. The staff is so caring and amazing with kids. Their so friendly and just really great. I was so nervous to start taking my son to preschool because it was his first time going..But this place really made it at ease for me. My son is 100% happy with this school. From day one I'd rate them 5 stars. Great prices, Great staff, Good Location. 🙂
Guy ThomasGuy Thomas
12:33 05 Oct 16
Mrs. Kim at Progressive Play Preschool is such a huge part of my children's lives and a real key to their success as they have moved on to elementary school. The learning environment they create makes it easy for them to grow socially and academically. The kids took comfort in the routine they established and always look forward to stopping by and saying hello. My 5 year old and my 7 year old are always right at the top of their class now in reading and math. Thanks Mrs. Kim!


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